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Pengertian Debian GNU / Linux

Dibangun pada kernel Linux, Debian GNU / Linux adalah open-source dan sistem operasi bebas (OS) yang didasarkan pada antarmuka pengguna grafis (GUI). Ini menggabungkan alat dan kemampuan proyek GNU dan dikemas dengan ribuan aplikasi perangkat lunak untuk kemudahan instalasi dan eksekusi. Debian GNU / Linux juga dikenal sebagai Debian

Released in 1993 by the Debian Project, Debian is a Linux distribution that evolved from the Unix OS. It may be used as a desktop, server or embedded OS and supports a number of processor frameworks, including Intel, AMD and ARM.
Default Debian installation packages are bundled with utility/development tools, communications/email software, networking services and other applications designed for desktops and servers.
As of February 2011, the most current version is Debian 6.0, also known as Squeeze
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